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Alexia – bouncing boobs on the hippity hop!

The friday 10/30 update features Alexia bouncing her boobs on the hippity hop. The bounced her double D’s  for nearly 4 straight minutes. Then she gave us a little coochy flash when she finished bouncing her boobs!
Next update will be the last Alexia clip, one of my favorites. It will be posted a little late, on [...]

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Alexis Silver – Bar Across Shoulders

for the 10/27 update, Alexis bounces her boobs holding a long bar across her shoulders. This draws back the shoulders, sticking the breasts farther out, while isolating the arms to prevent interference of the bouncing boobs. It is a straight set, unedited footage of her pushing her boobs to the limit.
This is my second favorite [...]

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I love Alexis Silver

Do you know what i LOVE about Alexis Silver, besides her big swinging tits? That completely bald beaver of hers. God do i love a woman who is freshly shaved! I like my living room to be shag, not my ladies.
Alexis Silver performs some sets of high impact jumping jacks. I also tossed in a second [...]

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Lilli warms up on the treadmill

JoshGirls presents one of the finest ladies we’ve ever filmed, Lilli. She is 22 & a recent college grad. You can see from the tour that she has a wonderful hourglass figure – tall, curvy & a beautiful smile!
Before performing the hi impact aerobics we all enjoy, Lilli warms up by performing a fast walk [...]


Introducing Alexia

Alexia is the youngest JoshGirl of them them all! She bounced her boobs for me when she was 19 years, 2 days old. I was hoping she was gonna be my first 18 year old model, but alas i was 2 days late.
Also, as a matter of trivia, Alexia is the first model to use [...]


Introducing Devin Devyne

I present Devin Devyne for the 10/15 update.
 I was very lucky because i got to film her when she was just starting in adult, so she was very willing & excited! Devin performs a special “Ice n Bounce” workout…she bounces her tits to exhaustion, then ices her tits until they are numb, then bounces again. [...]

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Joshgirls is open for business!!!

Wow CCBill, just wow! They completed my application & integrated their payment system in 1 afternoon! has arrived
The tour has animated GIFs for each of the models small images. Scroll your cursor over the image & you will see a series of images for each exercise.
members area has 720 x 480 MP4 clips [...]