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Africa: F cups in space

When i say that JoshGirls follow the “principle of full motion,” this is what i’m talking about.


Happy Thanksgiving!

The members area is updated with 2 Leila clips.
Moving forward, all jumping jacks clips whereby the exercise is modified to isolate the arms, is hereby denoted “JoshGirls jumping jacks.” JoshGirls may hold a small bar behind the back, hold their arms down isometrically, ot hold a long bar behind her back, as Leila does in [...]

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Introducing Leila Camelia Dinara

Leila is a beautiful JoshGirl from Miami. But she drops a new name to each producer she models for. So her name for my site is all her names combined.
Leila may be one of the most well endowed ladies to bounce her boobs for JoshGirls! Despite her heavy chest, that did not stop her from [...]

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Tabitha: bar across shoulders

I love the way this exercise really isolates Tabitha’s arms. Something about it is very sexy. & its guaranteed you won’t see this shit at the gym. Thats because the only point of this position is to prevent Tabithas arms from interfering with her bouncing boobs. Its an exercise that is engineered by JoshGirls scientists to [...]


Maggie oil press and shake

I’m not really big on the tease. So many pornos are 2 hours long & have maybe 5 minutes of spank material. So most of my work cuts to the money shot: hi impact bouncing boobs.
But sometimes you gotta mix up the pot a little, & put out something different.
Before Maggie performed her bouncing boob [...]

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Kali West – Jumping Jacks

Kali is one of my youngest models, only 20 years old!
She had a short stint in the army, where she did a lot of basic training. The thing is, ladies wear these big bras that compress their boobs during PT. Not at JoshGirls, no no no. Sports bras & anything else that may prevent hi [...]

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Happy Slappy Sounds

JoshGirls has several unique qualities: ladies with excellent bounce factor. unique exercises designed to induce maximum bouncing boobs. But the quality that most stands JoshGirls out from all other porn sites - HAPPY SLAPPY SOUNDS.
This is the wonderful sound that happens when a few select JoshGirls bounce their boobs. The phenomenon is random; it is not induced [...]

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Scarlett Rouge

One of my favorite JoshGirls is Scarlett Rouge.  Not only is Scarlett a beauty, but she has the most wonderful smile & style. Easy going, happy, excited to model for me.
Scarlett performs her first bouncing boob exercise, modified jumping jacks. She holds a short bar behind her back while pushing out 2 sets of jumping [...]

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Alexis Silver – endurance trampoline jumping

JoshGirls is back with beautiful Alexis Silver jumping on the trampoline!
Alexis has a short bar tucked behind her back – so she is incapable of touching her breasts while she performs full motion bouncing. I gave her specific directions to bounce her boobs as hard as she can…& what happens next can only be found [...]

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Africa – Disco Jogging

An amazing thing about the creative arts, is how 1 little change can transform artwork from AOK to hey hey hey!
I put together a clip of Africa performing the ISOMETRIC JOG – she holds her arms down to her sides while bouncing her F cups up & down – & it was good. Nothing special. Didn’t excite me. I had [...]