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Alexis May Hippity Hops

The members area is updated for 12/29 with Alexis May bouncing on the hippity hop! Alexis’ natural D cups make a distinctive knocking sound when they bounce on her chest. Very snappy.

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Alexis May jumping jacks

To ring in the decade’s ending, thin curvy JoshGirl Alexis May performs sets of naked jumping jacks which bounce her boobs for extended lengths of time. Listen carefully, & you will hear mild renditions of the HAPPY SLAPPY SOUNDS!
Merry Christmas to all!

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Lilli: Bouncy dancing :)

My favorite shows back in the 80’s was Club MTV, & Dance Party USA. In particular dance party USA was the cheesiest dance show ever! Big hair, neon, & a group of Jersey teens struttin to terrible music. It was hysterical!!!
Sometimes the camera dudes were perverts & would focus on girls with big boobs, bouncing [...]


Double Ds on a Kate Moss frame

That would be how i describe Anjelica’s beautiful nubile body!
Some of the best bounces in JoshGirls are provided by Anjelica Anjilis,  bouncing boob superstar. She is extremely thin, no butt, no curves…except for her over-developed chest! & she is one of the JoshGirls whose boobs provide the HAPPY SLAPPY SOUNDS!
Today’s members update features some of [...]


Stacy Adams jogging on trampoline

From the moment i laid eyes on Stacy Adams, i was in love. She is everything a JoshGirl should be: Friendly, nice smile, & heavy low hanging breasts. Lucky for me she works in the porn biz, so i sent out my love letter, hoping she would one day bounce her boobs for me.
Today, she [...]

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Sabina Leigh performs knee high jogging

JoshGirls proudly presents one of my finest ladies, Sabina Leigh!
Sabina has the perfect chest for bouncing boobs: heavy, low hanging grapefruits that make HAPPY SLAPPY SOUNDS when she exercises! Today she presses her bosoms in the oil press, then performs another JoshGirls unique exercise: the knee high jog. Sabina holds a short bar in front of her [...]

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Daphne Rosen bouncing boobs!

When i developed my bouncing boob exercises, one of the first beautiful JoshGirls i called was Daphne Rosen! She was more than happy to try out the new exercises i created specifically to bounce her boobs. The jogging while holding a bar across the shoulders was performed at a rapid pace with excellent effort & [...]

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Ice n’ Bounce workout: It works!

After numerous sets of bouncing boobs, then icing the boobs down for longer bouncing action, all the hard work culminates in this final exercise. Devin bounces her triple D cups a full 6 straight minutes! while jogging on the trampoline.
As you can see, this clip proves the ice n’ bounce workout succeeds at extending the [...]


Final set II: endurance jumping

uncut footage of endurance jumping on the trampoline…

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Devin Devyne: boobies bounced raw

As Devin began her final superset of the ice n bounce workout, her boobies started to turn ruby red from all the icing, all the bouncing. This is a good sign as it means Devin’s boobies are numb & she can bounce her boobs for much longer spans of time. If you compare her endurance [...]

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