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Leila camelia dinara jogs rapidly

I ran into Leila Dinara when i was out in Vegas last fall. The first time i saw her was walking through a casino. I couldn’t really make her out. All i could see was her massive tits swinging as she walked! So i introduced myself & of course we hit it off right away. She was very [...]

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Tabitha hippity hops

The JoshGirls hippity hops are intended as a cool down exercise. By now most of the JoshGirls have completed numerous bouncing boob exercises. & the best way to cool down freshly bounced boobs is with even more bouncing!!!


Maggie performs a new exercise

The JoshGirls laboratory releases another new exercise engineered to bounce womens boobs. Maggie holds a bar behind her back, stretching her shoulders & arms back while the boobs bounce up front.

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Scarlett Rouge presents EnduraJog

The EnduraJog is another JoshGirls exclusive exercise. As the name suggests, Scarlett jogs for endurance. Of course, she is also topless & bouncing her boobs in a full motion during the exercise!
This clip was captured in the middle of her JoshGirls shoot. The JoshGirls Jumping Jacks clip? She was all excited to be modeling, the [...]

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Kali West performs my signature exercise

No other website in the world offers you exercises designed to bounce women’s boobs. & the signature exercise, the ku-dee-gra of JoshGirls, is when JoshGirls bounce their boobs whilst holding the long bar across their shoulders. Kali gives us amazing bounce factor. See for yourself.

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hippity hops, alexis silver

cool down bounces, lite FM style bounces after a heavy chest bouncing workout.

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Happy New Year from JoshGirls

More HAPPY SLAPPY SOUNDS! to ring in the new year!

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