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Stacy Adams: isometric jumping jacks

JoshGirls presents another variation on hi impact jumping jacks. Stacys arms are isolated to her sides so her heavy breasts bounce up & down without interference! These are not the sissy bounces you see on every other porn website. Stacy gives us the big bounces that you can find only at JoshGirls!

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introducing Honey DeJour

JoshGirls proudly presents beautiful Honey DeJour! 2 things stand out about Honey – her happy persona, & her big boobies on a small frame! Her first exercise is our exclusive isometric jog. She holds her arms to her sides while flopping her chest up & down. always remember that JoshGirls perform exercises for this one [...]

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Anjelica’s jumping jacks

Anjelica is one of the JoshGirls great ones! For her first shoot, she blew off her day job in order to get naked & perform these hi impact jumping jacks for me. Not the sissy jumping jacks you see at the gym, but JoshGirls style jumping jacks – hi impact exercise designed for heavy bouncing [...]

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Lilli: isometric rapid running

If you’ve ever dreamed of a beautiful well endowed lady running rapidly & bouncing her boobs, your wait is over. Lilli performs the isometric run: her arms are isolated to her sides while her heavy F cups bounce up & down at a fast pace with no interference. See the full 3 minute clip inside [...]

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Sabina topless jump rope

A picure is worth a thousand words…

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Africa: bar across shoulders

Africa is found here jogging while holding the long bar across her shoulders. She has a number of shoots where she bounces her F cup boobs, but none where she is holding a bar across her shoulders! You can see how nicely the bar pulls the arms & shoulders backwards, isolating the bouncing boobs & [...]

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