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even more jumping jacks: Maggie Green

Looking at my latest clips, most of my recent updates are jumping jacks videos. Guess i have a fetish for jumping jacks. They are the single best exercise for bouncing boobs! There are lots of ways to isolate the arms so they don’t get in the way of the low hanging cups bouncing in full [...]

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Anjelica’s bouncing boobs make loud slapping sounds!

At JoshGirls, there are bouncing boobs, then there are bouncing boobs that make loud slapping sounds when they bounce! Anjelica performs the first ever Isometric jumping jacks: She holds dumbells down her sides while performing the jumping jacks so the only thing moving are the heavy bouncing boobies! To our amazement, when she bounces her [...]


Alexis Silver and her natural Double D rack

Really i think one of the most perfect set of tits in JoshGirls belongs to Alexis Silver. She has a firm sexy frame & these big natural double D tits! Heavy cups that hang low & have excellent bounce factor.  Alexis hold her hand behind her head while she bounces her big boobies up & down with [...]

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JoshGirls jumping jacks with Kali West

The Kali West bouncing boob collection already features regular style jumping jacks, with her arms moving up & down along with her big double D breasts! But I find the arm motion distracting to the bouncing boob focus. So Kali performs a variation of jumping jacks that holds her arms back while she’s bouncing her [...]

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Alexis May bar over head bounces

What i really love about Alexis May, besides the firm body & beautiful boobies, is…no tan lines. I also love the nice bounces she delivers by jumping up & down holding a bar over head!

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introducing Dixie Devereaux

So when i spoke to Dixie on the phone, i asked her point blank: do you think you can bounce your boobs for me? She said she always keeps her girls well supported in a nice bra, which is why they’re so nice. But for one shoot, she would give it a try. Schwing!!!
Dixie performs the [...]

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