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sabina hi impact hula hoop

This clip has everything the JoshGirls fan can want in their bouncing boob video: natural, low hanging breasts, bouncing in a full motion, making happy slappy sounds, bouncing as long as humanly possible, arms isolated away from the bouncing, performed by beautiful JoshGirl Sabina Leigh!


More happy slappy Africa flappys

Africa jogs on the trampoline as she continues to bounce her heavy F cup breasts! Unique to JoshGirls, her arms are held behind her back with a short bar so that she does not interfere with her breasts while they bounce up & down in full motion flops. Slappy sounds?…affirmative!

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Tabithas beautiful bounce factor

Today’s JoshGirls update features Tabitha performing the Isometric Jog! You see, in the real world, women wear clothes & a bra to prevent bouncing boobs. But in JoshWorld, we encourage & celebrate bouncing boobs! So Tabitha gets completely naked & holds her arms down her sides when she jogs, leading to a wonderful display of [...]

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bouncing boobs in slo mo

Due to customer demand, I am releasing more of my exclusive high impact bouncing boob clips in slow motion! Today’s update features Alexia, Anjelica, & a bonus clip of a new JoshGirl. Her identity can only be discovered by joining JoshGirls & watching the mesmerizing bounces!

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Leilas bouncy tease

As a prelude to performing full motion bouncing boob exercises, Leila prepares her boobs for the heavy bounces by bouncing her boobs…

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Scarlett Rouge is 19 & has 38 E Cups

After a dozen sets of bouncing her 38 E cups in a full motion for as long as she could, Scarlett performs some cool down bounces on the toy hippity hop! Well, maybe cool down bounces is the wrong choice of words; the boobies still fly high in the air & despite the discomfort, Scarlett [...]

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