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heavy bouncing boobs in slow motion

So i took Alexis Silvers finest exercises, where she is bouncing her heavy, low hanging breasts in a vigorous, full motion bounce, then slowed the footage 75% to give you a nice slow view of what perfect bounce factor looks like. This clip is part 1 of 2 clips.

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Vintage JoshGirls: Ava Monroe

Ava is one of my favorite early shoots because she is really short, no curves, but very top heavy with firm double D tits! This is a teaser clip featuring Ava wetting down her tight T-shirt & bouncing her tits before stipping buck naked. Amazing tits!

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Anjelicas bar over head jumping

its another joshgirls exclusive exercise, designed for bouncing boobs! Today Anjelica isolates her arms away from her bouncing boobs by holding a bar over her head. Only JoshGirls provides unique exercises engineered for bouncing big boobs!

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Daphne hippity hops

My earliest footage features the beautiful JoshGirls icing down their boobies before the hi impact aerobics exercises that bounce their boobs. Daphne demonstrates the Ice n Bounce technique that leads to longer bouncing boob action!

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Daphne Rosen is back!

Sometimes i forget how totally HOT daphne Rosen is. Just her staring into the camera is amazing footage! Not to mention she is completely naked, boobs iced red, & running in place just to bounce her big tits!

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Kali West Hippity Hops

Kali has fun bouncing her natural double Ds on the JoshGirls hippity hop!

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