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Lillis heaviest bounces

Frankly, the screen caps of this clip speak for themselves. Enjoy…


Scarletts final set

Scarlett was spent. After so many sets of bouncing her big boobs in a full motion, she had nothing left. But when the going gets tough, Scarlett keeps bouncing her boobs!

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Leila hippity hops

Leila was just about done with the heavy bouncing of JoshGirls high impact aerobics. To cool off her sore breasts, Leila bounced her boobs on the hippity hop!

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Tabithas sexy stretching

When Tabitha wasn’t bouncing her boobs, she performed some sexy stretching poses.¬† Much like exercise being done solely to bounce womens boobs, stretching at JoshGirls is done solely to give wide exposure to the ladies most sensitive region.

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Vintage JoshGirls: Monica Triple D

The first time i laid eyes on Monica Triple D, my jaw dropped. No matter how much i tried to look at her face, my eyes could not help but look down & grab a glimpse of those beautiful, heavy low hanging tits! Even better, she was willing & ready to perform the JoshGirls unique exercises [...]

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Kali west, heavy bouncing

Todays update features the lovely Kali West lifting her double D cups high in the air doing my favorite bouncing boob exercise! I love it when the JoshGirls hold the bar across their shoulders. Just to bounce their boobs on my trampoline. Big heavy bounces in this clip.

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