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endurajog by anastasia

Endurajog is the simplest of exercises. Full motion heavy bouncing boobs for as long as you can! Most JoshGirls can only last about a minute. Anastasia bounces her boobs for 4 and a half minutes!!! Unedited, straight up footage. Bear witness to the final minute as Anastasia struggles to keep bouncing!

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Lilli jogs holding bar over head

the 5/20 update features our supermodel Lilli. She holds a short bar over her head while doing some light jogging, giving a nice wiggle giggle to her boobies!

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anjelica nonnude & bouncy

most of my bouncing boob shots is naked naked naked. But there is also beauty in big boobs under a scantily clad T-shirt. Behold as Anjelica’s bountiful bosoms peek through her shirt as they swing & sway. Bonus slappy jumping jacks footage to boot.

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