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violetta buck naked jumping jacks

It’s really challenging, working on my JoshGirls videos. Watching Violetta, doing my hi impact aerobics, all i want to do is beat my meat.
Violettas fun side really shines in this clip. She jiggles her boobs, has a good laugh, then launches into several sets of jumping jacks.
my buddy pete went gaga when he saw me [...]

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dixie’s final…& hardest bounces

By the end of her shoot, Dixies natural F cup breasts were hurting, really bad! Her last exercise remained a secret. see, i wanted to find the exercise she found the most painful of all the exercises. So when i told her she had to do another 5 minutes of jumping jacks, she flipped out. [...]

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anjelica slappy rapid running

what more can i say about our superstar anjelica, the happiest slappiest breasts in the biz.  Today, she is holding the long bar while bouncing her boobs at a rapid pace. Sometimes her oversized boobs make those sweet slappy sounds that members of JoshGirls love!


kendra pre bouncing lube job

This is a short & simple clip. Kendra gives us a nice show while thoroughly oiling her breasts. She rubs her boobs with oil until there is a nice sheen. Then she performs the JoshGirls exclusive “breast press” where she presses her big D cups into the glass.

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