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check out my personal blog, the porno pioneer

JoshGirls news is decicated to telling the world about new JoshGirls clips & events. I am also working a new blog, called the porno pioneer, where i will write about the backend of JoshGirls, the business stuff & my reflections on my work. Check it out here. Thanks.

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anal beads n bouncing

This is outtake footage from my very first JoshGirls shoot! We did an experiment to see how it looks when Angelanne does the bouncing boobs exercises with beads in her anus. I came to find that the bouncing boob footage looks identical whether a JoshGirl has objects in her ass or not. But it is [...]

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F cups take flight

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Introducing…34 F cups…i mean, Jaylene Rio!

A nice lite jog in a braless T is a good way to get this website back in the game! Part 2 of this clip comes out tomorrow.

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