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vivan 4 minutes of isomoetric jogging

the lastest new clip is uploaded to the joshGirls members area. Vivian keeps her arms to her sides while she jogs, hence the term isometric jogging. The only thing that moves during this exercise is the bouncing boobs! For a dominatrix, Vivian did give us her special efforts!


alexia jumping jacks, uncut

the next sequence from the alexia shoot is uploaded for members. Alexia performs 3 sets of high impact jumping jacks, going as long as she can in each set!

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part 2

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alexia braless jogging

i am digging through the alexia shoot. It turns out, the footage is far better when i don’t edit it than when i do. I uploaded the first example of this today. Its a clip of alexia doing a warm up jog in a braless white tank. No crappy music, no edits, just Alexia bouncing [...]

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great clip of Ava bouncing with hands behind head uploaded

Ava was the second shoot i ever did. as a result, i’m a little chatty in the clip. im sorry if its annoying to the spectacular view of Ava bouncing her big natural double Ds on a 5 foot frame (amazing!) but i was so in shock & awe about what i was filming, i [...]