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anal beads n bouncing

This is outtake footage from my very first JoshGirls shoot! We did an experiment to see how it looks when Angelanne does the bouncing boobs exercises with beads in her anus. I came to find that the bouncing boob footage looks identical whether a JoshGirl has objects in her ass or not. But it is [...]

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F cups take flight

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Introducing…34 F cups…i mean, Jaylene Rio!

A nice lite jog in a braless T is a good way to get this website back in the game! Part 2 of this clip comes out tomorrow.

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oil pressed breasts plus jumping jacks equals joy

Hello i am back. Vivian does some modeling of her ample bosom by pressing them into our patented breast press system. Everyone knows that breasts bounce best when they are freshly pressed!

when the oil press is done, its time for some jumping jacks! as always the arms are isolated & the jumping intense. Vivian has [...]

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loud slapping bounces by aleera flair

K. now generally speaking, aleera’s perky D cups did not slap when they bounced, like say, angelica, whose breasts sounded like a spanked babies bottom whilst crashing on the chest. However, there is a specific position, slightly leaned over, whereby aleeras breasts sung that sweet slappy music all fans of joshgirls love. Slap slap slap [...]

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violetta storms her breasts

with heavy bouncing holding the bar across her shoulders!

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maria moores heavy breasts perform heavy bounces

honestly i think the images speak for themselves. Yes she is bouncing her heavy bosom through their full range of motion. Yes they slap very loudly as they hit bottom. Yes she is one of the great JoshGirls!

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ava marches and double Ds bounce

20 year old Ava monroe has amazing curves. Short, thin, not much butt. But nice oversized big naturals that really stick out off her frame! & they bounce as good as they look! Ava does some warm up marching in place that puts a nice wack in her stack!

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vivian: never smiles, but has big boobs

I love Vivian. She has the most amazing hour glass figure. Kinda like lady gaga but with a big rack. & that rack bounces nicely as she jogs out a set of bouncing her boobs while holding the bar over her head.

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kali west long lost step footage

Kali West bounces her boobs on the step! This is a warm up exercise for the heavy bouncing to come. But kali does a special jump during the stepwork  that ensures theres a nice bounce in each repetition!

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