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Africa bouncy & shimmy

Continuing from last weeks clip, Africa keeps bouncing her boobies in the wet T shirt. Followed by a quick strip tease, because there was almost nothing to take off in the first place. Then she shimmies her heavy assets vigorously, side to side, shimmy shimmy of the F Cups!

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Africa: wet T & bouncy

in preparation for bouncing her boobs hard, Africa warmed up by bouncing her boobs. Not as hard. She does a little warm up jog before giving us a nice wet T-shirt & return to bouncing thing. Nice tatas!

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loud slapping breasts by africa sexxx

Africa sexxx is a 32G cup – heavy, big swinging tits! Witness the splendor as Africa lifts her breasts high in the air performing the exclusive JoshGirls jumping jacks. Arms are isolated so there is no interference while the breasts slap loudly on her chest! Heavy, full motion bouncing boob entertainment, found only at JoshGirls!

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Africa: bar across shoulders

Africa is found here jogging while holding the long bar across her shoulders. She has a number of shoots where she bounces her F cup boobs, but none where she is holding a bar across her shoulders! You can see how nicely the bar pulls the arms & shoulders backwards, isolating the bouncing boobs & [...]

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Africa – Disco Jogging

An amazing thing about the creative arts, is how 1 little change can transform artwork from AOK to hey hey hey!
I put together a clip of Africa performing the ISOMETRIC JOG – she holds her arms down to her sides while bouncing her F cups up & down – & it was good. Nothing special. Didn’t excite me. I had [...]