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the alexia uncut updates continue

this morning i uploaded the next sequence of the alexia shoot. after she performed the jumping jacks, She did some endurance jogging with the short bar behind her back.

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alexia jumping jacks, uncut

the next sequence from the alexia shoot is uploaded for members. Alexia performs 3 sets of high impact jumping jacks, going as long as she can in each set!

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part 2

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alexia braless jogging

i am digging through the alexia shoot. It turns out, the footage is far better when i don’t edit it than when i do. I uploaded the first example of this today. Its a clip of alexia doing a warm up jog in a braless white tank. No crappy music, no edits, just Alexia bouncing [...]

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alexia shower scene

Footage that was thought to be long lost has been found! 19 year old Alexia is showering after thoroughly bouncing her tits. She was kind enough to let us watch her lather down her luscious low hanging breasts. Bonus open leg shots as well!

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Alexia – endurance jogging on trampoline

This is one of Alexia’s best bouncing clips. She holds a small bar behind her back. This shifts her shoulders back & sticks the breasts out for a better focused bounce. It also prevents her from interfering with the bouncing as it gets uncomfortable. As required of all JoshGirls, the bounces are heavy on her chest [...]

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Alexia – bouncing boobs on the hippity hop!

The friday 10/30 update features Alexia bouncing her boobs on the hippity hop. The bounced her double D’s  for nearly 4 straight minutes. Then she gave us a little coochy flash when she finished bouncing her boobs!
Next update will be the last Alexia clip, one of my favorites. It will be posted a little late, on [...]

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Introducing Alexia

Alexia is the youngest JoshGirl of them them all! She bounced her boobs for me when she was 19 years, 2 days old. I was hoping she was gonna be my first 18 year old model, but alas i was 2 days late.
Also, as a matter of trivia, Alexia is the first model to use [...]