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double Ds hangin high

The Joshgirls laboratory designed the Bar Across Shoulders trampoline routine to isolate the arms during full motion bouncing boobs. The shoulders are set back & the breasts pushed forward while Alexis jumps on a trampoline, bouncing her boobs in their full motion. The full speed endurance set is already in the members area…todays update is [...]

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heavy bouncing boobs in slow motion

So i took Alexis Silvers finest exercises, where she is bouncing her heavy, low hanging breasts in a vigorous, full motion bounce, then slowed the footage 75% to give you a nice slow view of what perfect bounce factor looks like. This clip is part 1 of 2 clips.

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Alexis Silver and her natural Double D rack

Really i think one of the most perfect set of tits in JoshGirls belongs to Alexis Silver. She has a firm sexy frame & these big natural double D tits! Heavy cups that hang low & have excellent bounce factor.  Alexis hold her hand behind her head while she bounces her big boobies up & down with [...]

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hippity hops, alexis silver

cool down bounces, lite FM style bounces after a heavy chest bouncing workout.

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Alexis Silver – endurance trampoline jumping

JoshGirls is back with beautiful Alexis Silver jumping on the trampoline!
Alexis has a short bar tucked behind her back – so she is incapable of touching her breasts while she performs full motion bouncing. I gave her specific directions to bounce her boobs as hard as she can…& what happens next can only be found [...]

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Alexis Silver – Bar Across Shoulders

for the 10/27 update, Alexis bounces her boobs holding a long bar across her shoulders. This draws back the shoulders, sticking the breasts farther out, while isolating the arms to prevent interference of the bouncing boobs. It is a straight set, unedited footage of her pushing her boobs to the limit.
This is my second favorite [...]

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I love Alexis Silver

Do you know what i LOVE about Alexis Silver, besides her big swinging tits? That completely bald beaver of hers. God do i love a woman who is freshly shaved! I like my living room to be shag, not my ladies.
Alexis Silver performs some sets of high impact jumping jacks. I also tossed in a second [...]

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