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bouncing boobs, the qwon

Everything is in perfect harmony in anastasias jumping on trampoline with the short bar iso situation. The breasts hang heavy & low. The top is off. The trampoline assists beautiful double D breasted Anastasia lift her breasts high. The short bar holds back the arms, the shoulders are back & the chest sticks out. It [...]

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anastasia, hippity hops, happy slapping sounds

What can i say? This is the essence of JoshGirls. Beautiful well endowed anastasia, full motion bounces, & the magic music of the happy slappys.

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endurajog by anastasia

Endurajog is the simplest of exercises. Full motion heavy bouncing boobs for as long as you can! Most JoshGirls can only last about a minute. Anastasia bounces her boobs for 4 and a half minutes!!! Unedited, straight up footage. Bear witness to the final minute as Anastasia struggles to keep bouncing!

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Anastasias new exercise

The latest hi impact bouncing boob clip is a great exercise that i’ve rarely shot. Anastasia holds a short bar in front while jumping up & down on the trampoline. he bouncing is just devine. Bonus slo motion rendition of the exercise as well!

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Beautiful JoshGirl Anastasia Blake

JoshGirls is proud to present you Anastasia Blake : )
In addition to a wonderful smile, Anastasia has a wonderful 36 double D chest on a 5′2 frame! She has the perfect breasts for bouncing boobs: heavy, low hanging cups that lend to lots of motion.
Today she is jogging with a bar holding back her arms. [...]

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