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devin devyne intro

devin devyne, as you can see, has nice heavy cups! She does a nice warm up jog for us before removing her top & showing us her natural triple D tits!

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Ice n’ Bounce workout: It works!

After numerous sets of bouncing boobs, then icing the boobs down for longer bouncing action, all the hard work culminates in this final exercise. Devin bounces her triple D cups a full 6 straight minutes! while jogging on the trampoline.
As you can see, this clip proves the ice n’ bounce workout succeeds at extending the [...]


Final set II: endurance jumping

uncut footage of endurance jumping on the trampoline…

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Devin Devyne: boobies bounced raw

As Devin began her final superset of the ice n bounce workout, her boobies started to turn ruby red from all the icing, all the bouncing. This is a good sign as it means Devin’s boobies are numb & she can bounce her boobs for much longer spans of time. If you compare her endurance [...]

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Introducing Devin Devyne

I present Devin Devyne for the 10/15 update.
 I was very lucky because i got to film her when she was just starting in adult, so she was very willing & excited! Devin performs a special “Ice n Bounce” workout…she bounces her tits to exhaustion, then ices her tits until they are numb, then bounces again. [...]

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