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dixie’s final…& hardest bounces

By the end of her shoot, Dixies natural F cup breasts were hurting, really bad! Her last exercise remained a secret. see, i wanted to find the exercise she found the most painful of all the exercises. So when i told her she had to do another 5 minutes of jumping jacks, she flipped out. [...]

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dixie keeps pushing her F cups

Dixie is really starting to feel the fatigue of many sets of bouncing her heavy boobs. Look at the pics, redness is starting to show up where her huge boobs crash into her chest! Dixie hits the trampoline & isolates her arms behind her back so her boobs can bounce with no interference!

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High flying F-cups…Yes!

What does todays update have?
Dixie Devereaux & her beautiful heavy F cups? Yes!
Jumping on a trampoline & bouncing her heavy F cups really hard? Yes!
High flying full motion bouncing boob entertainment? Yes Yes Yes!!!

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Dixies first big boob bounces

Dixie Devereaux, blessed with HUGE natural F cups, never bounced her boobs before. This was her first experience bouncing her boobs as hard as she can, for as long as she can. This clip is set #1 where we get her first impression of the heavy bouncing regimen to come…

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introducing Dixie Devereaux

So when i spoke to Dixie on the phone, i asked her point blank: do you think you can bounce your boobs for me? She said she always keeps her girls well supported in a nice bra, which is why they’re so nice. But for one shoot, she would give it a try. Schwing!!!
Dixie performs the [...]

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