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honey du jour full motion bouncing

These screencaps tell you everything you need to know why you should join JoshGirls! The best bouncing boobs on the web. period.


honey du jour – trampoline

Todays update finds bouncy honey du jour bouncing on the trampoline! She is so full of energy, we have to isolate her arms with a bar behind her back so all her effort goes into a long endurance set of bouncing boobs!

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honey du jour bouncy jump rope

Jump rope is very hard for most JoshGirls. The coordination between the feet & the hi impact bouncing boobs is hard to maintain. But Honey du Jour did an amazing job, cranking out some nice long jump rope bouncing boobs sets!

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Honey performs JoshGirls jumping jacks

The single best exercise for bouncing boobs is jumping jacks. Even if every other exercise is a fail, jumping jacks make big naturals dance all over the chest. But flailing arms ruins the shot. So JoshGirls jumping jacks were created to isolate the arms, so the only thing happening during the exercise is high impact [...]

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Honeys bouncy hippity hops

It was really fun to shoot Honey DuJour bouncing her boobs. She brings a lot of joy to the shoot with her, as you will see as she bounces her double D breasts on the JoshGirls hippity hop!

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introducing Honey DeJour

JoshGirls proudly presents beautiful Honey DeJour! 2 things stand out about Honey – her happy persona, & her big boobies on a small frame! Her first exercise is our exclusive isometric jog. She holds her arms to her sides while flopping her chest up & down. always remember that JoshGirls perform exercises for this one [...]

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