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kendra isolates her double Ds for bouncing

This is another of unique exercises you find only at JoshGirls! Kendra holds a bar over her head while jumping up & down. This isolates the arms & extends her body so all you see is her bountiful bosoms bouncing away! Look around the web & you will see that the best bouncing boobs are [...]

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double D fast paced jump rope

Bounteous beauty kendra performs amazing naked jump rope! she has the coordination, the stamina, & of course, the large bosoms that bounce fast & hard, for nice long extended sets of jump rope!

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kendra really works the girls

Kendra. Naked, shaved, oiled, & well endowed.  Positions the short bar behind her back & jumps up & down vigorously on the trampoline. Guess why? for your viewing pleasure, of course!

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what is the isometric jog?

Its original to JoshGirls: Beautiful┬átop heavy┬áladies like Kendra are naked, shaved, & oiled, & she jogs whilst holding her arms down on her sides. this is so arms flailing doth not interrupt us from watching bosoms fly. Behold…


hippity hops and bouncing bare tits by kendra

Today Kendra cools off from her bouncing boob workout with some hippity hop action.

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kendra pre bouncing lube job

This is a short & simple clip. Kendra gives us a nice show while thoroughly oiling her breasts. She rubs her boobs with oil until there is a nice sheen. Then she performs the JoshGirls exclusive “breast press” where she presses her big D cups into the glass.

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kendra bouncing on trampoline

new JoshGirl Kendra does a long set of prolonged bouncing boobs jogging on the trampoline! My favorite pose is when Joshgirls hold the long bar across their shoulders. Its sexy when the boobs hit the chest for the 30th time but the arms cant stop them!

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