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hippity hops by maggie green

After completing a vigorous bouncing boob workout, Maggie cools down her swollen F cups by bouncing them on the hippity hop! Only at JoshGirls can you find beautiful Maggie Green bouncing her big boobs just for you.

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even more jumping jacks: Maggie Green

Looking at my latest clips, most of my recent updates are jumping jacks videos. Guess i have a fetish for jumping jacks. They are the single best exercise for bouncing boobs! There are lots of ways to isolate the arms so they don’t get in the way of the low hanging cups bouncing in full [...]

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Maggie performs a new exercise

The JoshGirls laboratory releases another new exercise engineered to bounce womens boobs. Maggie holds a bar behind her back, stretching her shoulders & arms back while the boobs bounce up front.

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Maggie oil press and shake

I’m not really big on the tease. So many pornos are 2 hours long & have maybe 5 minutes of spank material. So most of my work cuts to the money shot: hi impact bouncing boobs.
But sometimes you gotta mix up the pot a little, & put out something different.
Before Maggie performed her bouncing boob [...]

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