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maria moores heavy breasts perform heavy bounces

honestly i think the images speak for themselves. Yes she is bouncing her heavy bosom through their full range of motion. Yes they slap very loudly as they hit bottom. Yes she is one of the great JoshGirls!

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heavy breasts doing hi impact jumping jacks

unbelievable. Thats the only word i can describe when maria moore performs jumping jacks for JoshGirls. Due to the size of her massive breasts, most of her exercises were performed on the trampoline, to reduce discomfort during the shoot.
But not these jumping jacks. Maria did them on solid ground, & you will see in the [...]

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maria moore warm up bouncing

Maria moore’s huge heavy juggs warm up with some light jogging. This gives her big boobs a taste of the heavy bouncing that comes in the rest of the shoot. Hands behind head isolates the arms nicely & allows the boobs to bounce freely!