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Scarlett Rouge E cups hi impact aerobics

Scarlett Rouge was 19 years old at the time of our shoot. She has natural 38 E cups! Of all the JoshGirls, i would say Scarlett gave us the most bounce for the buck. Its rare girls have such huge boobs & push themselves as hard as scarlett did when she bounced her heavy hangers [...]


Scarletts final set

Scarlett was spent. After so many sets of bouncing her big boobs in a full motion, she had nothing left. But when the going gets tough, Scarlett keeps bouncing her boobs!

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38 E cups & a jump rope

Make for some great times at JoshGirls! Scarlett gives us her best effort as she lifts her heavy tits high in the air while jumping rope. High impact bouncing boob entertainment, found exlusively at JoshGirls!

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Scarlett Rouge is 19 & has 38 E Cups

After a dozen sets of bouncing her 38 E cups in a full motion for as long as she could, Scarlett performs some cool down bounces on the toy hippity hop! Well, maybe cool down bounces is the wrong choice of words; the boobies still fly high in the air & despite the discomfort, Scarlett [...]

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Scarlett Rouge presents EnduraJog

The EnduraJog is another JoshGirls exclusive exercise. As the name suggests, Scarlett jogs for endurance. Of course, she is also topless & bouncing her boobs in a full motion during the exercise!
This clip was captured in the middle of her JoshGirls shoot. The JoshGirls Jumping Jacks clip? She was all excited to be modeling, the [...]

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Scarlett Rouge

One of my favorite JoshGirls is Scarlett Rouge.  Not only is Scarlett a beauty, but she has the most wonderful smile & style. Easy going, happy, excited to model for me.
Scarlett performs her first bouncing boob exercise, modified jumping jacks. She holds a short bar behind her back while pushing out 2 sets of jumping [...]

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