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anal beads n bouncing

This is outtake footage from my very first JoshGirls shoot! We did an experiment to see how it looks when Angelanne does the bouncing boobs exercises with beads in her anus. I came to find that the bouncing boob footage looks identical whether a JoshGirl has objects in her ass or not. But it is [...]

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ava marches and double Ds bounce

20 year old Ava monroe has amazing curves. Short, thin, not much butt. But nice oversized big naturals that really stick out off her frame! & they bounce as good as they look! Ava does some warm up marching in place that puts a nice wack in her stack!

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ice water pushups make for better bouncing boobs

Woo hoo Angelanne does ice water pushups for JoshGirls! She does several reps, dipping her natural Ds into the ice for several reps. Then she holds them down in the ice as long as she can, until they’re numb. After her boobs are beet red & she can’t feel them anymore, she pumps out a [...]

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naked Ava + ice + jumping jacks = beet red boobies!

Ava gets herself ready for endurance jumping jacks by icing down her wonderful set in a tray of ice! Then she bounces away! Join JoshGirls & see Ava’s beautiful endowments in numerous hi impact bouncing boob exercises!

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Monicas triple Ds have lift off!

Monica Triple D has some of the biggest, most beautiful boobs of all the JoshGirls! Today she gets on the trampoline & puts her hands behind her back for several sets of bouncing boobs!

She did some jumping, which provides a steady but heavy, straight up & down bounces. She then did some jogging, which causes [...]

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rapid running with bar across shoulders

angelanne did this experimental bouncing boob exercise. see if a rubber band under the boobs effects the bounce factor. sadly the rubber band thing fell flat. But happily, angelanne bounced her boobs really fast & as you can see in the shots, all the way to exhaustion. schwing!

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fast pace jump rope means fast pace bouncing boobs!

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vintage joshgirls – instructional jog

angelanne plays the role of aerobics instructor, directing ladies how to bounce their boobies the JoshGirls way! She performs some jumping jacks, a jump in place, & a nice rapid run, pushing herself to her limits!

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vintage joshgirls – step routine

this is the first step routine from the first shoot produced for JoshGirls! Angelanne has a nice bouncy D cup, & performs a couple different step exercises intended of course, for boobie bouncing fun. best part is how her boobs are cone shaped as they fly in the air!

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Monica triple D ices & bounces her breasts

OK. so in order to help Monica, who has heavy triple D cups, & has been bouncing them “very hard for our viewing pleasure,” I created this ice-n-bounce superset, so that she can bounce her bountiful bosom longer & longer. Bonus! her heavy hangers turn beet red as she presses her breast in ice as [...]

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