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vivian bar across shoulders doing step

our friend vivian does a new take on the step by bouncing her tis with the bar across her shoulders. kinky.

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vivan 4 minutes of isomoetric jogging

the lastest new clip is uploaded to the joshGirls members area. Vivian keeps her arms to her sides while she jogs, hence the term isometric jogging. The only thing that moves during this exercise is the bouncing boobs! For a dominatrix, Vivian did give us her special efforts!


oil pressed breasts plus jumping jacks equals joy

Hello i am back. Vivian does some modeling of her ample bosom by pressing them into our patented breast press system. Everyone knows that breasts bounce best when they are freshly pressed!

when the oil press is done, its time for some jumping jacks! as always the arms are isolated & the jumping intense. Vivian has [...]

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vivian: never smiles, but has big boobs

I love Vivian. She has the most amazing hour glass figure. Kinda like lady gaga but with a big rack. & that rack bounces nicely as she jogs out a set of bouncing her boobs while holding the bar over her head.

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the hippity hop is fun, but much more fun topless

When Vivian was little, she had a hippity hop & bounced around the yard all day long. Today, Vivian goes topless & shows us how she bounces around her natural double D’s!

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vivians double delights take flight

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introducing vivian

Vivian is a curvy joshgirl with the goth thing going. amazing lady bumps both front & back! you can see she will give us some great bouncing boobs! Today she introduces her natural double Ds to us. Friday you will see the girls fly!

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