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alexis may hands behind head

after doing some vagina stretching, Alexis may does some soft boobie bouncing by jogging with her hands behind her head.  firm, tanned, busty, Alexis breasteses put on a great show!

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alexis may much better hippity hops

From the newly discovered unreleased trove of JoshGirls footage, i found a much more entertaining clip of alexis may doing hippity hops! includes some bloopers & banter that make for a good clip!

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yes i still have slapping breast footage of anjelica

amazing. i thought i had released everything great about anjelica. but this timeless footage has been uncovered. Anjelica jumps on the trampoline while holding the hula hoop! This isolates her arms away from her heavy bounces which, by the way, make very loud slapping sounds as they bounce!

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even outside you can still hear the happy slappys

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Angelica lathers her happy slappys

Anjelica just finished bouncing her oversized big boobs! so she takes a shower, lathering & shaking those lovely double Ds!

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alexis may tank top thong and bald beaver

God i love alexis may : – )

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that skimpy outfit cant hide those boobs!

ok so the goal here was to create a top where side boobs & bottom cleavage are on ample display. mission accomplished! Anjelicas perfect bosoms pop out all over the place. She does some poses, then performs a light bouncy jog, & that top just cant keep this rated PG.  Then it call comes off [...]

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anjelica slappy rapid running

what more can i say about our superstar anjelica, the happiest slappiest breasts in the biz.  Today, she is holding the long bar while bouncing her boobs at a rapid pace. Sometimes her oversized boobs make those sweet slappy sounds that members of JoshGirls love!


anjelica wet t

there are girls in wet t-shirts, & there are JOSHGIRLS in wet t-shirts! Anjelica poses in a tight white braless T, complete with thong & cameltoe. The camera gets some nice close ups as anjelica poses, wets down, & bounces her bountiful bosoms!

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alexis may all oiled up

Sexy alexis may teases us with her warm up before commencing her bouncing boob workout. She dips her natural D cups in oil before giving them a nice shimmy shimmy shimmy!

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