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Sabinas incredible knocking knockers

Another Happy slappy sounds slip is ready for members of JoshGirls! Sabina performs the isometric jog – she holds her arms down her sides while doing a vigorous jog that bounces her slap happy boobies in a full motion!


sabina hi impact hula hoop

This clip has everything the JoshGirls fan can want in their bouncing boob video: natural, low hanging breasts, bouncing in a full motion, making happy slappy sounds, bouncing as long as humanly possible, arms isolated away from the bouncing, performed by beautiful JoshGirl Sabina Leigh!


Sabina topless jump rope

A picure is worth a thousand words…

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Sabina Leigh performs knee high jogging

JoshGirls proudly presents one of my finest ladies, Sabina Leigh!
Sabina has the perfect chest for bouncing boobs: heavy, low hanging grapefruits that make HAPPY SLAPPY SOUNDS when she exercises! Today she presses her bosoms in the oil press, then performs another JoshGirls unique exercise: the knee high jog. Sabina holds a short bar in front of her [...]

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