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deep inside becky lesabre

leggy supermodel becky lesabre wraps up her spread eagle stretching routine with some open leg sit ups, & a nice spread those legs as wide as possible thing. only joshgirls delivers such intimate open leg stretching routines!


spread eagle pelvic thrusts

JoshGirls. Always the innovator. Creating new stretches to make benefit your erotic pleasure. Wonderful Becky LeSabre opens her legs (as usual) & performs some unique pelvic thrusting, stark naked, pink patch wide open for the world to see. This is how Jane Fonda SHOULD have made aerobics videos in the 80s!

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becky lesabre open leg stretching

this clip is part 3 of becky lesabre’s super sexy ultra open leg stretching shoot. Becky exposes her tight vajayjay while doing a workout only a pornstar can perform!

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becky lesabre pink pilates

Becky Lesabre continues the lavicious display of her pink prize that awaits members of JoshGirls!

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introducing becky lesabre

I have a big crush on becky lesabre. She is sooo hot, has long legs & a butt to die for. Lucky for me, she works in porn! So becky was more then willing to demonstrate some unique, sexy, super explicit stretching poses! bonus cameltoe as her short shorts were tight in all the right [...]

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