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there have been 2 updates

on 1/17 & today i uploaded content from the alexia shoot’s recent uncut series. updates with fresh models & exercises will be uploaded this week.

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great clip of Ava bouncing with hands behind head uploaded

Ava was the second shoot i ever did. as a result, i’m a little chatty in the clip. im sorry if its annoying to the spectacular view of Ava bouncing her big natural double Ds on a 5 foot frame (amazing!) but i was so in shock & awe about what i was filming, i [...]


check out my personal blog, the porno pioneer

JoshGirls news is decicated to telling the world about new JoshGirls clips & events. I am also working a new blog, called the porno pioneer, where i will write about the backend of JoshGirls, the business stuff & my reflections on my work. Check it out here. Thanks.

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