Honey performs JoshGirls jumping jacks


The single best exercise for bouncing boobs is jumping jacks. Even if every other exercise is a fail, jumping jacks make big naturals dance all over the chest. But flailing arms ruins the shot. So JoshGirls jumping jacks were created to isolate the arms, so the only thing happening during the exercise is high impact bouncing boobs!

Honey sports those beautiful low hanging boobies on a small frame, so she gives us excellent bounces as her boobies move through their full range of motion!

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Sabinas incredible knocking knockers

Another Happy slappy sounds slip is ready for members of JoshGirls! Sabina performs the isometric jog – she holds her arms down her sides while doing a vigorous jog that bounces her slap happy boobies in a full motion!

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shaking and bouncing on the trampoline


part 2 of Lilli’s nude shimmy shake…nice pendulous swings & sways of beautiful big boobies. Some nice bounces in there as well!

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F cup shimmy

This is part 1 of 2, featuring the gorgeous Lilli shimmying & shaking her boobs during the bouncing boob workout


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Vintage JoshGirls: skipping

Double D cup Ava monroe performs a fully nude skipping exercise that bounces her big boobs! We added a little twist whereby she skips in an open leg style, vagina in full display.


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loud slapping breasts by africa sexxx


Africa sexxx is a 32G cup – heavy, big swinging tits! Witness the splendor as Africa lifts her breasts high in the air performing the exclusive JoshGirls jumping jacks. Arms are isolated so there is no interference while the breasts slap loudly on her chest! Heavy, full motion bouncing boob entertainment, found only at JoshGirls!

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Tabithas rapid running

after performing some sets of the isometric jog, i asked tabitha if she can do a set, bouncing her boobs as fast as she could. Members of JoshGirls can see the exclusive clip of tabithas rapid running exercise, just to bounce her boobs!


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Leilas big swinging tits


Holding the long bar across her shoulders, Leila does a knee high jog. The heavy F cups did something i’ve never seen before, swinging side to side during the bouncing!

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hippity hops by maggie green


After completing a vigorous bouncing boob workout, Maggie cools down her swollen F cups by bouncing them on the hippity hop! Only at JoshGirls can you find beautiful Maggie Green bouncing her big boobs just for you.

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38 E cups & a jump rope

Make for some great times at JoshGirls! Scarlett gives us her best effort as she lifts her heavy tits high in the air while jumping rope. High impact bouncing boob entertainment, found exlusively at JoshGirls!

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