rapid running with bar across shoulders


angelanne did this experimental bouncing boob exercise. see if a rubber band under the boobs effects the bounce factor. sadly the rubber band thing fell flat. But happily, angelanne bounced her boobs really fast & as you can see in the shots, all the way to exhaustion. schwing!

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how does such a skinny girl have such big boobs

violetta storms does it again. She is stark naked & she performs the isometric jog for our bouncing boobs pleasure! Look at her. amazing smile. no fat. Nothing bounces but her swollen natural D cups!


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vivians double delights take flight


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introducing vivian


Vivian is a curvy joshgirl with the goth thing going. amazing lady bumps both front & back! you can see she will give us some great bouncing boobs! Today she introduces her natural double Ds to us. Friday you will see the girls fly!

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even outside you can still hear the happy slappys


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fast pace jump rope means fast pace bouncing boobs!


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hippity hops and bouncing tops


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kendra really works the girls

Kendra. Naked, shaved, oiled, & well endowed.  Positions the short bar behind her back & jumps up & down vigorously on the trampoline. Guess why? for your viewing pleasure, of course!
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violetta skimpy top dancing


this is probably one of my favorite clips. Lovely Violetta Storm’s happiness shines while she’s shaking & dancing. & that little top can’t keep the girls hidden for long!

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Scarlett Rouge E cups hi impact aerobics


Scarlett Rouge was 19 years old at the time of our shoot. She has natural 38 E cups! Of all the JoshGirls, i would say Scarlett gave us the most bounce for the buck. Its rare girls have such huge boobs & push themselves as hard as scarlett did when she bounced her heavy hangers for JoshGirls!

I discovered this unreleased exercise. She is on the trampoline, using the bar across shoulders technique, & jumping so her boobs achieve full motion bouncing. Heavy breasts, heavy bouncing, only at JoshGirls!

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