Lillis F cups bounce nice when rapid running


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Violetta boobie bouncing on hippity hop!


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daphne rosen pre bouncing boobs bald vagina show


I have discovered a treasure trove of unreleased original JoshGirls content! Daphne Rosen introduces herself & prepares to bounce her beautiful double D’s by doing some sexy stretching. Like all JoshGirls, Daphne has no hair…down there!

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naked Ava + ice + jumping jacks = beet red boobies!


Ava gets herself ready for endurance jumping jacks by icing down her wonderful set in a tray of ice! Then she bounces away! Join JoshGirls & see Ava’s beautiful endowments in numerous hi impact bouncing boob exercises!

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the hippity hop is fun, but much more fun topless


When Vivian was little, she had a hippity hop & bounced around the yard all day long. Today, Vivian goes topless & shows us how she bounces around her natural double D’s!

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Monicas triple Ds have lift off!


Monica Triple D has some of the biggest, most beautiful boobs of all the JoshGirls! Today she gets on the trampoline & puts her hands behind her back for several sets of bouncing boobs!


She did some jumping, which provides a steady but heavy, straight up & down bounces. She then did some jogging, which causes her buxom triple D cups to bounce in a circular type motion!


& you can see in these shots that she pushes herself to her limits, forcing every last bounce out of her huge tits for our viewing pleasure! Join JoshGirls today & find Monica in my “vintage JoshGirls” section of the members area.

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double D fast paced jump rope


Bounteous beauty kendra performs amazing naked jump rope! she has the coordination, the stamina, & of course, the large bosoms that bounce fast & hard, for nice long extended sets of jump rope!

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aleera topless rapid jump rope!


title says it all. this is some of the fastest paced bouncing boobs on JoshGirls! Aleera Flair was able to do long & fast sets of jump rope topless. If you enjoy watching D cups fly with fast paced exercises, this is your clip!

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rapid running with bar across shoulders


angelanne did this experimental bouncing boob exercise. see if a rubber band under the boobs effects the bounce factor. sadly the rubber band thing fell flat. But happily, angelanne bounced her boobs really fast & as you can see in the shots, all the way to exhaustion. schwing!

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how does such a skinny girl have such big boobs

violetta storms does it again. She is stark naked & she performs the isometric jog for our bouncing boobs pleasure! Look at her. amazing smile. no fat. Nothing bounces but her swollen natural D cups!


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