fast pace jump rope means fast pace bouncing boobs!


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hippity hops and bouncing tops


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kendra really works the girls

Kendra. Naked, shaved, oiled, & well endowed.  Positions the short bar behind her back & jumps up & down vigorously on the trampoline. Guess why? for your viewing pleasure, of course!
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violetta skimpy top dancing


this is probably one of my favorite clips. Lovely Violetta Storm’s happiness shines while she’s shaking & dancing. & that little top can’t keep the girls hidden for long!

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Scarlett Rouge E cups hi impact aerobics


Scarlett Rouge was 19 years old at the time of our shoot. She has natural 38 E cups! Of all the JoshGirls, i would say Scarlett gave us the most bounce for the buck. Its rare girls have such huge boobs & push themselves as hard as scarlett did when she bounced her heavy hangers for JoshGirls!

I discovered this unreleased exercise. She is on the trampoline, using the bar across shoulders technique, & jumping so her boobs achieve full motion bouncing. Heavy breasts, heavy bouncing, only at JoshGirls!

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honey du jour full motion bouncing


These screencaps tell you everything you need to know why you should join JoshGirls! The best bouncing boobs on the web. period.

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vintage joshgirls – instructional jog


angelanne plays the role of aerobics instructor, directing ladies how to bounce their boobies the JoshGirls way! She performs some jumping jacks, a jump in place, & a nice rapid run, pushing herself to her limits!

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deep inside becky lesabre


leggy supermodel becky lesabre wraps up her spread eagle stretching routine with some open leg sit ups, & a nice spread those legs as wide as possible thing. only joshgirls delivers such intimate open leg stretching routines!

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Aleera flair jogs topless


Aleera has lots of endurance, doing a set of topless jogging like the energizer bunny! nice long shots of high impact bounces!

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what is the isometric jog?

Its original to JoshGirls: Beautiful┬átop heavy┬áladies like Kendra are naked, shaved, & oiled, & she jogs whilst holding her arms down on her sides. this is so arms flailing doth not interrupt us from watching bosoms fly. Behold…


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