maria moore warm up bouncing


Maria moore’s huge heavy juggs warm up with some light jogging. This gives her big boobs a taste of the heavy bouncing that comes in the rest of the shoot. Hands behind head isolates the arms nicely & allows the boobs to bounce freely!

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alexis may all oiled up


Sexy alexis may teases us with her warm up before commencing her bouncing boob workout. She dips her natural D cups in oil before giving them a nice shimmy shimmy shimmy!

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dixie keeps pushing her F cups


Dixie is really starting to feel the fatigue of many sets of bouncing her heavy boobs. Look at the pics, redness is starting to show up where her huge boobs crash into her chest! Dixie hits the trampoline & isolates her arms behind her back so her boobs can bounce with no interference!

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honey du jour bouncy jump rope


Jump rope is very hard for most JoshGirls. The coordination between the feet & the hi impact bouncing boobs is hard to maintain. But Honey du Jour did an amazing job, cranking out some nice long jump rope bouncing boobs sets!

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monica triple D – hippity hops


Warning: the latest update has heavy triple D breasts that slap loudly as Monica bounces her huge boobs on the hippity hop!

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lilli step routine

At the request of a fan, i searched through my Lilli shoot to see if there was anything i had not published yet. Lo & behold, i forgot that our beautiful JoshGirl Lilli performed a step routine!

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Africa bouncy & shimmy


Continuing from last weeks clip, Africa keeps bouncing her boobies in the wet T shirt. Followed by a quick strip tease, because there was almost nothing to take off in the first place. Then she shimmies her heavy assets vigorously, side to side, shimmy shimmy of the F Cups!

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Africa: wet T & bouncy


in preparation for bouncing her boobs hard, Africa warmed up by bouncing her boobs. Not as hard. She does a little warm up jog before giving us a nice wet T-shirt & return to bouncing thing. Nice tatas!

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rapid bouncing hands behind head


JoshGirls model Angelanne demonstrates jogging with her hands behind her head. She starts bouncing slowly, working up to a rapid pace & pushing herself to her limits!

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endurajog by anastasia


Endurajog is the simplest of exercises. Full motion heavy bouncing boobs for as long as you can! Most JoshGirls can only last about a minute. Anastasia bounces her boobs for 4 and a half minutes!!! Unedited, straight up footage. Bear witness to the final minute as Anastasia struggles to keep bouncing!

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